10 Guests I Want On MORE w/Mo

mo_guestAt over 100 episodes, I’ve had some great guests on my podcast MORE w/Mo.  I have always focused on talking to members of the adult industry about things besides porn.  Recently I’ve interviewed a few non-adult industry guests and it has been great.  Over time I want the show to evolve and have more mainstream guests, the 10 people on this list are people I personally find interesting and entertaining. Some are dream guests and others are within reach, if you happen to know any of these people and can hook up an interview, please let me know.  As always with my lists, these are in no particular order.

Chris Hardwick – @hardwick
Chris Hardwick is king of the nerds. I love his shows @midnight & The Talking Dead. Chris is a very funny guy and it would be fun to nerd out with him for a couple episodes.

Paul Thomas Anderson
Boogie Nights is on the top of my list of favorite movies. I want to talk to him about the making of that movie & his love of the San Fernando Valley.

Terry Gross – @nprfreshair
I’m inspired by Terry Gross and how she interviews guests on her NPR show Fresh Air. I want to talk to Terry about her interview style, the people she’s interviewed and get some tips on how I can interview people better.

Kirill Was Here – @KirillWasHere
This guy knows how to party.  His Twitter profile describes him as “Just an ugly Russian Jew traveling the world throwing parties + taking pictures for my award-winning website…”  The party pictures he takes are awesome, he’s a really funny guy, and I’m sure he has 100’s of stories to tell.

Londyn – @HistoftheBatman
I recently met Londyn at a Batman Day event at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles.  Londyn is a expert on all things Batman and has a podcast show called History of the Batman that I listen to a lot.  I could talk to her for hours about my favorite superhero.

Adam West – @therealadamwest
I want to interview Batman!

Colin Kane – @colinkane
I’ve followed Colin’s comedy career for the past few years. He’s a very funny guy that I’ve wanted to have on the show since I met him. I’ve seen his stand up show a half dozen times, and I thought he was hilarious in The Wedding Ringer.

Pierre Coffin
As many of you may know, I have a small obsession with the minions from the Despicable Me movies. Pierre Coffin does the voices for all of the Minions. I would be interviewing Stuart, Kevin, Bob and many more all in the same episode.

Christopher Dennis
Christopher Dennis is the guy that has dresses up as Superman on Hollywood Blvd. for over a decade.  He was one of the stars of Confessions of a Superhero, a documentary about the lives of the people that dress up as superheroes on Hollywood Blvd.

Simon Doonan – @simondoonan
Simon Doonan is the Creative Ambassador for Barney’s New York.  I met Simon on a Barney’s photo shoot years ago, and he was a really cool guy, we even found out that we share a birthday.  I want to talk to him about fashion and our mutual love for Russ Meyer.

Mo Reese