10 Pornstars I Want To Photograph

10 Pornstars I Want To Photograph SquareI’ve seen a lot of hot girls over the 7 years that I’ve worked in the adult industry.  I’ve been on set with them, filmed them, photographed them and even performed with them.  Although I do many things in porn, at my core, I’m a photographer, so this list focuses on women I want to photograph.  I’m not talking about your typical on set pretty girl pictures; those are boring, I want to shoot interesting and entertaining images.  With the exception of number 1, this list is in no particular order. Here they are, 10 pornstars I want to photograph.

1. Alex Chance
After 1 ½ years of being in a relationship with Alex, I’ve only done one photo shoot with her.  It’s truly sad, she’s hot and I have a camera, but for some reason it just never happens.  I’m assuming when she reads this; she’ll be hitting me up to do a shoot.

2. Ryan Ryans
I met Ryan Ryans at a party and she looked like a model right out of Maxim magazine.  I was on set with her once and was able to shoot a couple Mo of the Day images of her, which only made me want to shoot her more.  Ryan really knows what she’s doing in front of a camera.

3. Summer Brielle
Summer is the ultimate fantasy girl. Blonde, huge boobs, and curves in all the right places.  She’s the kind of girl that when you take her out into public, every guy trips over his dick to get a look at her.  I know it’s the most unoriginal photo shoot idea ever, but I want to shoot Summer out on the beach dressed as a lifeguard.  What can I say; I had a huge crush on Pamela Anderson when I was in high school.

4. Ash Hollywood
I’ve know Ash for a couple years now, and I’ve shot some great behind the scenes images of her for my blog, but we’ve never done an actual shoot.  I’ve seen the images that Richard Avery has shot of her and it has only made me want to shoot her more.

5. Dakota Skye
Dakota is new to the industry; she’s young, fun and full of energy.  That being said, she’s not all sugar and spice and everything nice, she can give this sultry look with her eyes that is very sexy.

6. Bonnie Rotten
To people that don’t know her, Bonnie can come of as a tough girl with all her tattoos.  Bonnie is one of the sweetest girls I know, and that’s what I would want to photograph, her soft sweet side.

7. Dani Daniels
What can I say about Dani Daniels…  Dani is probably my all time favorite girl to be on set with.  I have shot more behind the scenes pictures and video clips of her than anyone else.  I’ve done one photo shoot with her, it was a quick one that we did in a hotel room chair.  I really liked how those images turned out, and you can see them here on my blog.  Due to scheduling and laziness, we haven’t done another shoot, but we will soon, very soon.

8. Dahlia Sky
I shot stills of Dahlia for a stalker movie back when she was still known as Bailey Blue.  It was a shower scene and it had to look realistic, so I couldn’t give her much direction.  After the shower, that all changed, she was all wet and looked gorgeous, so I had to shoot some extra photos for myself.  I could have shot her all day, but time was short, so I was only able to shoot a few.  The few photos I did get were amazing and I want to shoot more.

9. Adriana Chechik
Adriana is a dirty girl, and I love dirty girls. I want to shoot something dark and moody with her. Preferably with something in her butt… Maybe a 16oz Red Bull can.

10. Nikki Benz
I don’t really like to use the title pornstar for all female performers, but that’s what most people call them.  That being said, and no insult to the others on this list, Nikki Benz is by far the biggest and in my opinion only true pornstar on it.  So why do I want to shoot Nikki Benz?  Because she’s super hot and she’s Nikki fucking Benz!

Mo Reese