Top 12 “Mo of the Day” Images of 2014

There have been almost 250 Mo of the Day's posted on this year.  I love shooting fun behind the scenes photos of girls on set and based on the numbers, people love looking at them.  These 12 images are the Top 12 most viewed Mo of the Day's of 2014. 1. Sammie Daniels - [...]

10 Wardrobe Items Every Girl In Porn Should Own

I’ve been doing wardrobe for a Wicked Pictures Director for over 2 years & I’ve found that many girls are lacking in the wardrobe department. I’m surprised sometimes at the basic things that performers don’t bring to set. Before I get to the list I have a few things that are absolute musts when it [...]

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Selfies With Pornstars

I don’t really like to have my picture taken, but the selfie has put the power of being the photographer back in my hands.  A selfie is always more entertaining when you add a hot girl to the picture. I have two expressions when I get photographed, annoyed or cheesy, cheesy usually wins.  Luckily in [...]

Fuck It… 5 Porn Guys I Would Photograph

A couple weeks ago I posted a list of the 10 pornstars I want to photograph.  Since then, the list has inspired someone to write a list of his own, disappointed a girl for not being on it, and I was asked by a guy why there weren’t men on the list.  I love hot [...]

10 Pornstars I Want To Photograph

I’ve seen a lot of hot girls over the 7 years that I’ve worked in the adult industry.  I’ve been on set with them, filmed them, photographed them and even performed with them.  Although I do many things in porn, at my core, I’m a photographer, so this list focuses on women I want to [...]

10 Photographers That Have Influenced Me

Someone or something always influences whatever we choose to do in life.  I am a photographer and many different people have inspired me over the years. These 10 photographers have influenced and inspired me the most over the past 20 years. 1. Richard Avedon Richard Avedon was a God of fashion and portraiture photography.  There [...]