Sometimes They Tweet Back – Tweets From Celebrities

I don’t follow many celebrities on Twitter, just the ones that I am actually a fan of. That doesn’t mean I don’t take opportunities to tweet the people I see on TV or in movies, and sometimes, they tweet back. The first celebrity that ever responded to one of my tweets was comedian Nick Swardson. [...]

My 5 Favorite Gordon Ramsay TV Shows

I’m a big Gordon Ramsay fan.  I’ve watched hundreds of episodes of his TV shows, I’ve read his book “Roasting In Hell’s Kitchen” and even eaten in his Las Vegas restaurant Gordon Ramsay Steak.  Gordon Ramsay has had TV shows in both the US and the UK; some of them are different versions of the [...]

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My Top 10 Favorite Frank Underwood Quotes

Frank Underwood has gone by a few titles in the first 2 seasons of the Netflix hit House Of Cards.  Each step of the way Frank has proven that he’s a political mastermind that never accepts defeat and crushes anyone that stands in his way.  The writing in House of Cards is amazing. For the [...]

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Adam & Eve Gives Celebrities A Toy To Play With For The Oscars

The day before the Academy Awards there’s an event where companies give products to celebrities in hopes of getting a photo of them holding it.  This year Adam & Eve decided to get in on the fun and give away “personal massagers”.  I’ve worked on productions with Adam & Eve for years, and was asked [...]

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A Trip to the Neon Museum and Boneyard

The first trip I ever made to Las Vegas was is 1996, I was 19, not even old enough to gamble or drink.  I was only there for one night; I stayed at The Sahara, which was at the end of the strip near the Stratosphere.  The Vegas strip looked a lot different back then, [...]

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My 5 Favorite Breakfast Places in the San Fernando Valley

Every Sunday my good friend Pasha and I have our weekly breakfast get together.  With all of the things going on in our lives, we’ve have less and less time to hang out, so we came up with the idea of meeting every Sunday for breakfast.  We live in the San Fernando Valley and over [...]

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