Here You Go… AVN 2014

Every January I make the trip across the desert to Las Vegas to attend the annual Adult Entertainment Expo, this year was my 9th time.  I really enjoyed myself this year, it was great to see people I know, as well as meet so many new people.  The 1st few years I attended I was [...]

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JULILAND NEWS: The Juliland Universe would like to welcome the latest edition to the family:! is the home of the talented, passionate & creative Mo Reese.  Mo is also the host of “MORE w/Mo” on Juliland Radio and a legend in the adult industry.  We are so thrilled to have him join our [...]

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Welcome to the Brand New

I am The Average Mo, I'm just an average guy, with a not so average job.  I work in the adult industry and I like taking fun pictures of people in my life, both work and personal.  A couple years ago I decided to create a blog, so I could have a place to post [...]

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The Moment Photography Came Into My Life

Every decision we make can change the course of our lives.  We never know how our choices will affect the future, although we like to think we do.  I can pinpoint the exact day my life in the world of photography started and it all began with one choice. It was the end of my [...]

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5 Songs That Celebrate Photography

There are a lot of songs that talk about photography or photographs; these are 5 of my favorites. Kodachrome – Paul Simon I’ve actually shot rolls of Kodachrome with a Nikon camera, just like Paul Simon.  Sadly like many other films, Kodachrome is gone, and even if you still have a roll laying around, there’s [...]

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My Top 10 Favorite Don Draper Quotes

Sure, he sleeps around on his wife, and maybe he drinks too much, but Don Draper is one hell of a guy.  Here is my top 10 favorite Don Draper quotes, the first one is the longest, but it is also my all time favorite.  I’ve re-watched his “carousel” presentation many times, it’s the best [...]

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