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My FSC Statement…


We have all heard the saying “knowledge is power” – it brings about awareness, and occasionally, community development. But in terms of politics and policy, it often seems like the general population of any group is the last to know… and sometimes the last to care. I want to address the issue of industry awareness via my seat on the FSC Board of Directors, and I have already started working on it.

Using social media, I helped keep topics like Measure B and AB332 in front of our industry’s general population and the people it affected most – performers and producers. I traveled to Sacramento in April 2013 alongside FSC members and industry leaders to help fight AB332. I called attention to proposed policy inconsistencies existing between AB332 (condoms in porn) and AB999 (condoms in prisons), asking why some groups would support condoms in porn and not condoms in prisons. This inspired a story written by Susan Abram for the LA Daily News and an about-face from anti-industry activists.

I have a broad professional skill set, but I don’t specialize in any one thing. I talk about industry-relevant information with people throughout our community, but I don’t speak for anyone but myself. At the same time, however, my experiences relate directly to the experiences of a large portion of the industry.

As a newly elected member of the FSC Board of Directors, I hope to bring a more “average citizen’s” point of view to our trade organization. I feel this type of “daily life” perspective will be beneficial in at least two ways. First, I am closely connected to relatively typical “life and work in porn” experiences. Conversations about issues impacting our community could benefit immensely from this sort of familiarity. Second, my involvement will provide FSC with an additional way to connect with members of the industry. Ideally, this will make the organization feel more accessible to the entire adult community and will foster increased performer awareness.

Ultimately, as a member of the Free Speech Coalition Board of Directors, I want to actively work toward bringing members of our industry closer together. This way we can take on the challenges we collectively face.

Mo Reese

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