MO on the GO: Talking About Food With Cindy Starfall

I recently spent a few minutes in the back of a lighting van on set with Cindy Starfall, talking about one of her favorite topics… Food.  It was a hot day on set and we decided to take a break in the back of the van, it was close to lunchtime so of course the topic of food came up.  Cindy loves to eat; she tells me she feels like she should always have something in her mouth.

Cindy Starfall is Vietnamese, and of course I have to be the guy that asks her about Asian people eating house pets. I first found out that Cindy had eaten dog meat when I interviewed her for my POV BJ movie Asian Mouth Club 7, so I love giving her a hard time about it.  It’s fucked up, but we agree that puppies would probably be more tender than big dogs.  (If you’re offended by this topic, please submit your complaint in the comment section below.)

I had a lot of fun talking to Cindy Starfall about food and I like a girl that loves to eat.  After having sex with three other hot Asian girls that day Cindy finally got to eat a sandwich from Subway.

Mo Reese

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