MO on the GO: Vine Deleted My Account, But The Videos Live On

I created a Vine account not too long after it became popular, wondering what the fuck I was going to shoot with a 6 second time limit?  I had my account for months before I shot my first Vine, which was of Dani Daniels’s amazing naked ass walking through a set we were working on.  I posted it and tweeted it, Dani revined it and tweeted it, and that was it, I didn’t think much about it until the next day.   I decided to check in to see how the video did, and to my surprise I now had over 2500 people following me. Was I Vine famous now? No, Dani Daniels with her almost 100,000 followers was.

Over the next few months I shot around 50 Vine’s, some random ones from my personal life, but mostly ones on set.  Tit’s, ass, and a few of Dani Daniel’s bush, my Vine’s were a hit.  I was close to 10,000 followers when Vine decided to update their policy on nudity.  I voluntarily deleted the Vine’s that were obviously against the rules but kept a few that contained a small amount of nudity, but nothing sexual.  That wasn’t good enough, without warning, my Vine account was deleted.  I emailed user support, but they looked into it and told me that my account would not be reopened.  I wouldn’t say I was crushed by this, but I was disappointed that I had lost my almost 10,000 followers.

I didn’t know it originally, but my phone saved all the video clips from my Vines, so luckily, I still had the footage.  This video contains 14 of my favorite Vines from set, and starts off with the Vine that started it all, Dani Daniel’s ass.

Mo Reese