My 10 Favorite #RealPornAwards Tweets

My 10 Favorite Real Porn Awards Tweets

Ela Darling started a hilarious trending topic that filled adult industry Twitter timelines over the weekend.  I’m not sure what made her come up with #RealPornAwards, but I think these awards should be given out just like Hollywood’s Razzie Awards. Ela tweeted a few dozen very funny #RealPornAwards tweets, causing myself and many others to tweet their own.  After going through the long list of tweets, here are My 10 Favorite #RealPornAwards Tweets

1. “Best Blowjob in a Xanax Haze” – @ElaDarling

2. “Dr. Riggs Award of Excellence (Most self-diagnosed cases of chlamydia in one year)” – @AsaAkira

3.  “Bingo Star of the Year: Shot anal, b/g, g/g and BJ scenes in all of the top three shoot houses in the Valley” – @ElaDarling

4. “The Best Cetaphil Shot” – @Wreckit_Russian

5. “The Pass-Off Award (blaming your agent for something instead of accepting responsibility for your own fuck up)” – @MaddyOreillyxxx

6. “Most Make Up Sponges Fished Out by a PA” – @nateliquor

7. “The  “Most Photoshopped ‘No Filter’ Selfie Award” – @Porno_Lover1

8. “Best Use Of Slow Motion To Make A Scene Look More ‘Artistic'” – @oohhangon

9. “Most teases with girls in bikinis slathered with baby oil by the same pool” – @michaeladam13

10. “The Backpeddler Award: Best Comeback After Swearing You’ll Never Work in Porn Again” – @ElaDarling


I didn’t want to put any of my own on the list, but here are 2 #RealPornAwards tweets that I’m pretty proud of.

“Most Tweets About Dogs & Blunts by a Performer in 1 Year”

“Best Continuation of a Twitter War While Being an Award Show Presenter”


Mo Reese



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