My Top 10 Favorite Don Draper Quotes

Don_Draper_QuotesSure, he sleeps around on his wife, and maybe he drinks too much, but Don Draper is one hell of a guy.  Here is my top 10 favorite Don Draper quotes, the first one is the longest, but it is also my all time favorite.  I’ve re-watched his “carousel” presentation many times, it’s the best sales pitch I ever seen on TV or in real life.

1. “Nostalgia – it’s delicate, but potent.  Teddy told me that in Greek, “nostalgia” literally means “the pain from an old wound.”  It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone.  This device isn’t a spaceship; it’s a time machine.  It goes backward, and forwards… it takes us to a place where we ache to go again.  It’s not called the wheel; it’s called a carousel. It let’s us travel the way a child travels – around and around, and back home again, to a place where we know we are loved.” – The Wheel

2. “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” – Love Among the Ruins

3. “I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.” – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

4. “People want to be told what to do so badly that they’ll listen to anyone.” – Babylon

5. “You want some respect? Go out and get it for yourself.” – The Summer Man

 6. “Advertising is based on one thing, happiness.  And you know what happiness is?  Happiness is the smell of a new car.  It’s freedom from fear.  It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is okay. You are okay.” – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

7. “People tell you who they are, but we ignore it – because we want them to be who we want them to be.” – The Summer Man

8. “It’s your life. You don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but you know it doesn’t end well.  You’ve gotta move forward… as soon as you can figure out what that means.” – Six Month Leave

9. “I hate to break it to you but there is no big lie. There is no system. The universe is indifferent.” – The Hobo Code

10. “Fear stimulates my imagination” – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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