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Sometimes They Tweet Back-Main ImageI don’t follow many celebrities on Twitter, just the ones that I am actually a fan of. That doesn’t mean I don’t take opportunities to tweet the people I see on TV or in movies, and sometimes, they tweet back.

The first celebrity that ever responded to one of my tweets was comedian Nick Swardson. I think Nick is a really funny guy, I’ve seen him in comedy specials, movies and the show Reno 911.  One day he was having lunch at the same LA restaurant as I was, so I tweeted “I saw @NickSwardson at lunch today, I managed to fight off the urge to yell Terry across the restaurant. #Reno911”.  An hour later, I was surprised to see Nick responded with “@MOXXX next time please do. But really scream it and then fart.”  I was excited by the fact that someone who had entertained me over the years responded to something I had tweeted.

I’ve had a number of responses to my tweets mentioning celebrities over the past couple years.  From Elvira tweeting me “Glad I could help u through puberty. XX” and Ian Ziering responding to my tweet about his movie Sharknado, to Denise Crosby letting me know she wasn’t interested in being on my “Top 10 Celebrities I’ve Wanted To Fuck” list.  Most recently my favorite celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has responded to two of my tweets.  In one of them he quoted my tweet, which contained the link to my blog post “My 5 Favorite Gordon Ramsay TV Shows”, the other was a comment on a photo I had taken of a hamburger at one of his restaurants.

I don’t expect celebrities to respond to my tweets, but I enjoy when they do.  A part of me gets some enjoyment out of knowing that they are just like me, having some fun on social media.  Here are some screen captures from some of my favorites.

Mo Reese

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