Welcome to the Brand New TheAverageMo.com

mo_welcomeI am The Average Mo, I’m just an average guy, with a not so average job.  I work in the adult industry and I like taking fun pictures of people in my life, both work and personal.  A couple years ago I decided to create a blog, so I could have a place to post naked pictures of girls that I had taken on porn sets.  Since then, TheAveargeMo.com has been slowly growing, and now with the help of the fine people over at Juliland.com, TheAverageMo.com is being relaunched with even more content.  Instead of just pictures, TheAverageMo.com will feature written blog posts, larger photo sets of my work, and my Juliland.com Podcast show MORE w/Mo.  With my daily “Mo of the Day”, there will be more BTS photos than ever before.  I want to hear what you think, so make sure you comment on the posts. I hope you enjoy the brand new TheAverageMo.com.

Mo Reese

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